It is a song in Japan

Nice to meet you.
It is a singer tsukiko who is living with Cimarises.


singing in English lyrics

Thank you for coming. Welcome to my website introducing music. I’m glad you saw it.
I am making music in Yokohama, Japan.
In order to sing a song that I like, I am making it so that everyone can listen to pops while rocking my dreams and fantasies from my childhood as a motif while enjoying everyday.

The sound source of my song can be downloaded on distribution site such as iTunes.

Pops is mass-produced in Japan.
In that environment I am continuing music.
All the musicians around me are singing romance songs.
But I think about adventure, things about the universe, about animals,
I want to sing about a peaceful society without war.

A yearning for space exploration
It is a song original song that wishes for peace.






It is a song that I sang in English released in 2016.
You can listen to MY PIANO STARSHIP.

I used to sing the story of the universe heard from a classmate ‘s boy when I was young.

2016年リリースのMY PIANO STARSHIPが試聴できます。

A song that you can listen


You can listen to Smiles are every where (English lyrics) released in 2018.

Sachi (English lyrics)

Sachi is the song which blesses marriage.

Smiles are every where (English lyrics)

Japanese song